Vision and strategy

Transforming our community's aspirations into reality.

Our 30 year vision

Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future is a vision for the whole of our region.

By 2047, Greater Geelong will be internationally recognised as a clever and creative city-region that is forward looking, enterprising and adaptive, and cares for its people and environment.

Read more about our 30 year vision

Council Plan 2018-22

Our new Council are currently developing their strategic plan, which will identify the priorities and key deliverables we will focus on for the next three years. Council Plan 2018-22 will translate our communities’ needs and expectations into action. The plan will identify what we are doing to deliver the first four years of the Clever and Creative community vision.

The draft plan will be release for public comment in May 2018.


We have a number of strategic documents which guide the work we do and decisions we make, across all our service areas.

Strategies that guide our environment and sustainability

Strategies that guide our road and transport network

Strategies that guide our prosperity

Strategies that guide our land use and growth

Read more information on our strategic land use planning

Strategies that guide our culture and creativity

Strategies that guide our community’s wellbeing

Strategies that guide our recreational spaces and activities

View the full list of Master Plans and recreation studies

Strategies that guide the way Council operates

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